Abuse Recovery Program
Stopping The Violence

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Facing abuse or violence, in your life now or in the past, is not easy. It is important to be able to talk and to be heard. The Golden Family Center provides a safe place to tell your story, and we can provide emotional support, information and options for you.

Is this service for you?

The Stopping the Violence (STV) Program provides counselling to women who have experienced sexual assault, violence in relationships, childhood abuse and/or violence, or who are facing these situations now – and who are 19 years of age or older. Where no other suitable services are available the STV program also serves women who are under 19 and who are leading an adult lifestyle. Our services are free and voluntary. Youth can access services on their own, if they feel ready. Check our page on Confidentiality.

How we work

  • Your counsellor will work with you to identify your issues and concerns, strengths and resources, and help you determine your counselling goals.
  • We offer women-centered support through listening, reflecting, creativity, and giving non-judgmental feedback
  • We use Art Therapy and Expressive Arts Therapy as well as other types of counselling approaches to help promote recovery
  • We can help you put together a safety plan
  • We offer emotional support and self-empowerment
  • We help you put in place healthy coping strategies and healthy boundaries
  • We offer education about the effects of trauma on the body, mind and spirit
  • We provide advocacy and referrals
  • One-to-one and group support for women available
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Are you wondering whether you are in an abusive relationship? Click the link to learn more.