Addiction Services Program
Outreach Program for Youth

The Golden Family Center offers an outreach program for youth through Golden Secondary School (GSS) and Golden Alternate School (GAS).  The goal of the Youth Outreach program is to support students who are affected by their own or a family member’s substance abuse. The program also aims to bring about a decrease in incidents of substance abuse among youth overall by raising awareness and promoting educational and spirit-building events. The Outreach Program for Youth operates on a part-time basis.

Individual support

The Youth Outreach worker provides individual support during or after school hours for youth who are going through a difficult time. The Youth Outreach worker can also mediate between the youth and his or her parents when needed, either in the school setting or in the family`s home. The Youth Outreach worker can make referrals to other youth services at the Golden Family Center or at other local service providers, including Children’s Mental Health at MCFD.

The Outreach worker can be reached at the Golden Family Center by phoning 250-344-2000.

Educational and awareness raising activities

The Youth Outreach worker collaborates with school staff in bringing educational and inspirational speakers into GSS that speak to youth about topics related to drug and alcohol abuse, vulnerability, bullying, etc.

Belonging and acceptance

Research has shown what we have known in some way for years – that a sense of belonging and acceptance gives us strength to face the many challenges we encounter in our lives. When we feel stronger, there is less of a need to turn to drugs or alcohol to take the edge off our difficult feelings.
Part of what the Youth Outreach program does is provide hands-on support to Golden Secondary School and Golden Alternate School when events or activities are organized that promote a sense of belonging, acceptance and community.