About Us
Welcome to the Golden Family Center

The Golden Family Center provides affordable, confidential counselling and support services to individuals and families who live in Golden and the surrounding area – down the Columbia Valley to Harrogate, up the TransCanada to Donald and East to the town of Field.

The programs and services we offer are financially supported by different funders and as a result there are differences in the way each of our programs work and who each program is intended for. Take a look at the Programs and Services on our website and you will find detailed information. We are also happy to help you in person to find the service you are looking for. Please contact us to book an information-sharing appointment with one of our Intake workers.

Our Mission

The Golden Family Center is committed to the enhancement of the well-being of individuals, families and the community of Golden. The Golden Family Center provides education, advocacy, resources, counselling, early intervention and support services.

Our Core Values

The Golden Family Center believes in the values of a modern democratic society, including respect for the individual, for equality and fairness, as well as honesty, integrity and compassion. Golden Family Center services are available to everyone in the community without discrimination and regardless of the person’s financial circumstances. The Golden Family Center values its people, and encourages teamwork, collaboration and communication, and is committed to creating an environment that allows people to grow both professionally and personally.

Who Uses Counselling and Support Services

People like you and me. Emotional and mental health is not defined by the absence of any problems, but by how we cope with the difficulties we do have. Seeking perspective and guidance is a healthy way to deal with all the stress and pressures life brings us.

Counselling is

  • an opportunity for you to speak and be heard, to gain clarity and to get an objective perspective on your situation
  • a way to identify and strengthen your personal resources
  • a way to develop new strategies to help yourself
  • an avenue to increased self-esteem
  • a place where you will find emotional support

What are Support Services

  • Solution-focused problem solving
  • Information-sharing and educational resources
  • Information about and referral to community and regional services
  • Team-based support with other community providers
  • Assessments and testing
  • Safety planning
  • Mediation within families
  • Group support and discussion groups

The Family Center is a partner in many community initiatives and committees:

  • Golden Community Social Services Co-op
  • Early Childhood Development Coalition
  • Birth to Six Team
  • CCSR – Community Coordination for Safety in Relationships
  • ICAT – Integrated Case Assessment team
  • Child and Youth Mental Health and Substance Use Local Action Team

Getting started

Please check out our Getting Started page with information on what to do if you would like an appointment, or if you would like in-person information on any of our services.