Addiction Services Program
Substance Use and Addictions Services for Adults

To trust yourself to test your limits. That is the courage to succeed. Bernard Edmonds

The Golden Family Center provides addictions counselling and support to individuals and families who are directly or indirectly affected by drug and alcohol use. When you are ready to find help, please contact us.

How we work

  • Your counsellor will work with you to identify your issues and concerns, strengths and resources, and to help you determine your counselling goals.
  • We make use of different types of assessment and testing materials to get a better understanding of your drug or alcohol use, to better understand how you function and what will work for you, as you are making changes in your life.
  • Using your goals and the information about you from any assessments you have completed, you and your counsellor together will develop a plan of change that supports your recovery process.
  • When necessary, referrals are made to detox facilities or to residential treatment centres. We work together with the local hospital and medical clinic if necessary to get your referral completed.
  • All our work is done in a safe and judgement–free setting.
  • Our work is done both with individuals and with groups.
  • Our SmartRecovery Group runs a number of times each year (S.M.A.R.T. stands for Self-Management and Recovery Training)
  • Our overall counselling approach is based on our understanding of Attachment Theory.
  • Your counsellor can recommended book titles suited to your individual recovery.

What you can expect

  • Many people experience psychological and social turmoil when they start making the kind of changes in their life that will help them recover from addictions. You may feel worse before you start to feel better.
  • For many people it is important to be able to arrive at a place where they can accept their emotions for what they are. This acceptance is an important piece of the recovery process.
  • Creating self-awareness is another important part of the recovery process: we work with you on creating an understanding of the cravings and urges you have that make you repeat addictive patterns. We then work on developing skills to help you stop these ongoing patterns.
  • Strengthening community connections is a fundamental goal in the work we do, because we believe that social supports are essential for recovery.

What is Attachment Theory?

Attachment Theory lies at the foundation of all our counselling services. Attachment Theory describes the dynamics of long-term relationships between humans. Even though most of the information you may read online or in magazine articles on Attachment Theory talks about relationships between parents and their young children, there is a growing body of evidence that Attachment Theory applies to adult relationships as well.

For more information, please visit our Attachment page.