Addiction Services Program
Substance Use and Addictions Services for Youth

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The East Kootenay Addictions Services Society (EKASS) funds and offers addictions services for youth through the Golden Family Center. The EKASS counsellor has his office at the Golden Family Center and can be contacted through the Golden Family Center. Youth can access services on their own, if they feel ready. Check our page on Confidentiality.

The EKASS Addictions Services for Youth program at the Golden Family Center includes the following options:

  • Free and confidential counselling for youth dealing with their own or someone else’s addiction or substance misuse. You can meet your counsellor at the Golden Family Center or at Golden Secondary or Golden Alternate School.
  • Rock Solid – a prevention education program through Golden Secondary School for students in grade 8.
  • Teen Empowerment and Mastery (T.E.A.M.) Program – a five day residential treatment program for youth (15-18) living in the East Kootenay Region wanting to make changes in their life.