Parenting & Family Support Programs
Parenting & Family Support

All families need help at critical moments.

The Family Support program at the Golden Family Center helps families build strength and develop positive relationships. In our Family Support program we offer a wide array of services and options for you and your family:

Family Support is:

  • Relationship building between parents and their children.
  • Collaborative, solution focused problem solving based in current knowledge of parenting philosophies.
  • A non-judgemental place to voice and normalize parental concerns and frustrations.
  • Practical short-term solution finding, motivated by long-term goals.
  • Concerned with capacity and confidence building.

Family Support is NOT:

  • a quick fix or a never-ending service
  • respite
  • expert lectures

What we can work on together with you:

  • Comprehensive goal development for your family
  • Creating plans with practical solutions based on goals you have identified
  • Boosting your parenting skills and positive discipline strategies
  • Expand parenting skills related to specific situations your child or teenager may be dealing with, such as sexual orientation, bullying, living in a step family, sleeping and eating problems, etc.
  • Practice with communication skills and conflict resolution skills
  • Mediation for parents and teens
  • Locating resources you can use at home
  • Improved contact with personal and professional supports available to you and your family
  • Helping you access other community supports and services.
  • Information on and referral to Parenting groups

How we work

  • Your worker will work with you, your partner, and your family to identify issues and concerns, strengths and resources, and help you determine your goals for your family.
  • Using your goals as a starting point, you and your worker together will develop a Plan of Change. Implementing this plan typically involves 6-12 sessions. The time lines are determined together with you during the process. At times the work can happen relatively quickly and other times it may require an extension.
  • Our overall approach is based on our understanding of Attachment Theory.

What is Attachment Theory?

Attachment Theory lies at the foundation of all our counselling and support services. Attachment Theory describes the dynamics of long-term relationships between humans.

For more information, please visit our Attachment page.