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Golden, BC. Real town. Real people.

That’s how we are known. Even though thousands of visitors come here each year for the beauty of the mountains and rivers, this is also a place that is home to many. Living in a small mountain town has many benefits, but being able to afford living in a small town is becoming more and more difficult. The downturn in the forest industry in the 1990’s and the increase in the cost of real estate since the opening of Kicking Horse Mountain Resort has meant that it can be tough for Golden residents to find that well-paying job that would allow them to buy a home here and raise a family.

Working away from home

More and more families who love Golden as their home are finding themselves in a situation where they need to work away from Golden in order to maintain their home and family here. For many – especially for many men – that means travelling to where the work is: Alberta, the oil industry and the tar sands.

Workers in the tar sands may be seeing large pay cheques, but they are also facing huge challenges: working long hours, remote job locations, poor accommodations and dangerous roads. For some, the stresses of work may lead them to seek refuge in drinking or drugs, for others stress can lead to isolation and depression. Life is not necessarily easier for the partner and children who have stayed behind: this partner is left caring for the home and family, and can end up feeling overwhelmed by this, especially if they are also working. Knowing your partner at home is struggling, in turn, adds another layer of stress on those working away. Knowing your kids or teens are missing you puts more pressure on the situation. Living away from home is hard and families are feeling the dis-connect.

Keeping the Connection

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Maybe we are not here to see each other but to see each other through.