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Harm reduction supplies and Naloxone kits are available through the Public Health Unit at the hospital. [opening_hours][phone_links][address] [read more]
[read more]
Confidential - birth control, pregnancy testing, harm reduction supplies, mother & child health [read more]
24/7 Services include inpatient, obstetrics, and emergency [read more]
Specialized service and funding options for children or youth who have diverse needs and their families. [read more]
Assessment and treatment for children and youth with mental health challenges. [read more]
Family doctors accepting new patients. When possible, book an appointment in advance. Walk-in appointments can sometimes be accommodated, based on availability of doctors. [opening_hours] [phone_links] [address] [read more]
RCMP police officers ensure public safety and security, investigate crimes and enforce the law. 24/7. [read more]