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The Gay-Straight Alliance at Golden Secondary School has been active for years. Come and join us. [phone_links][address] [read more]
A free, fun and respectful space for those 12-18. [read more]
[opening_hours][address][web_links][phone_links][email_links] [read more]
Emotional and practical support to victims of crime and trauma [read more]
Voluntary supportive services and child protection services. 24/7. [read more]
All our schools in Golden have support services for children and youth.   Golden Secondary School :                  250-344-2201 Golden Alternate School :                    250-344-4548 Lady Grey Elementary School :           250-344-6317 Alexander Park Elementary School :  250-344-5513 Nicholson Elementary School :           250-344-2370 École la Confluence:                          [read more]
Emergency shelter for women and children fleeing violence. 24/7. [read more]
A safe and positive place for women and girls to get support, access services, relax and unwind [read more]