Counselling For Families, Couples and Individuals
Family Counselling

Working with families involves looking at how individual human dynamics come into play in the family system. As attachment research has shown, our own individual circuitry in our brain can bring us either sensitivity and/or resilience in our ways of interacting with others. We each have our own coping strategies when relationships become difficult. In a family this is true for each person, and as a result family relationships can be complicated as family members deal with issues in their own unique way.

Each member in a family has individual needs and as others in the family attempt to meet those needs in their own unique way, inevitably our learned coping strategies get in the way and families get out of sync. The work in family counselling is to settle the storms and then sort out everyone’s needs and every family member’s capacity to re-establish balance in the family.

Different family issues can be addressed in family counselling: parent-child conflict, parent –teen conflict, sibling rivalry or blended family/step family issues.