Counselling For Families, and Individuals

We all need help at critical times.

The Golden Family Center offers general counselling services to help families, couples and individuals find and use new skills that will empower healthy changes in themselves and in their family. The general counselling program includes the following options:

Families, and individuals come for help through counselling for a variety of reasons.

These may include such issues as:

  • Family issues and parenting concerns
  • Challenges of living in a step-family or blended family
  • Challenges of being a new parent
  • Concerns about attachment with your child
  • Family problems
  • Relationships affected by anxiety or depression
  • Relationships affected by anger
  • Coping with loss and change
  • Feeling hopeless or thinking about suicide
  • Questions about sexuality and gender

How we work

  • Your counsellor will work with you, your partner, and your family to identify your issues and concerns, strengths and resources, and to help you determine your counselling goals.
  • Using your goals as a starting point, you and your counsellor together will develop a plan of change.  At times the work can happen relatively quickly over a few sessions and other times it may take longer.
  • Our overall counselling approach is based on our understanding of Attachment Theory.

What is Attachment Theory?

Attachment Theory lies at the foundation of all our counselling services. Attachment Theory describes the dynamics of long-term relationships between humans. Even though most of the information you may read online or in magazine articles on Attachment Theory talks about relationships between parents and their young children, there is a growing body of evidence that Attachment Theory applies to adult relationships as well.
For more information, please visit our Attachment page.

The Family, and Individual Counselling programs at the Golden Family Center are funded by the Ministry for Children and Family Development (MCFD)