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Board & Staff

Golden Family Center Board

The Golden Family Center has a volunteer Board of Directors that meets about 10 times per year. The Board at the Golden Family Center is a governance Board, and its main goal is to set policies and overall goals and to oversee the implementation of these policies and goals by the executive director.

Current Board members:

  • Alysha Saville – Chair
  • Viv Thoss –  Director
  • Roxanne Bennett – Treasurer
  • Bev Collins – Secretary
  • Jim Halvorson – Director
  • Julie Wilson – Director
  • Jennifer Petrovic- Director

Join our Board!

Make a difference in our community by joining the group of dedicated individuals who oversee the well-being of the Golden Family Center and the people it serves. We are looking for new Board members from diverse backgrounds who bring an understanding of the issues facing families in the Golden area, as well as an appreciation for the challenges facing non-profit organizations.

Please contact us or drop by if you would like more information about becoming a Golden Family Center Board member.

Golden Family Center Staff

The Golden Family Center employs 5 full-time and 6 part-time staff.

Contact emails:

  • Katie Hodder – executive director: katie.j@goldenfamilycenter.bc.ca
  • Tracey Suhan – administrative assistant/receptionist/bookkeeping: tracey.s [at] goldenfamilycenter [dot] bc [dot] catracey.s{at}goldenfamilycenter{.}bc{.}ca