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The Child and Youth Legal Centre provides legal help for young people who are experiencing problems relating to family law, child protection, a breach of your human rights and many other legal issues. [read more]
Counselling services for youth. Youth can access services on their own, if they feel ready. [read more]
Counselling and support for children and youth aged 4 to 18, who have been affected by abuse, and/or who have witnessed abuse, assault, threats or violence in their home or family. [read more]
Voluntary supportive services and child protection services. 24/7. [read more]
For children and youth. Culturally safe support services for First Nations and Indigenous people. 24/7. [read more]
24/7  after hours and emergency service for children & youth and for those who are concerned about them. [read more]
Immediate crisis support for victims of family violence or sexual violence. Information and referral services for all victims of crime. 24/7. Phone and text. [read more]
Online chat for youth. It connects youth with support, information and resources. [read more]