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Struggling to make ends meet? Unable to work? Wondering if you qualify for government assistance? Need help with an appeal? Trouble accessing government programs? In a dispute? Need help accessing legal advice? Wondering about housing? The Advocate can help connect you to the information and resources you need. She offers individualized support and a welcoming [read more]
Local Autism Spectrum support services and referral. [read more]
CYSN in Golden can connect you with an FASD Key Worker at Axis Family Resources. [read more]
Occupational and Physical Therapy for emotional, sensory and physical limitations. [read more]
The Interior Health Children’s Assessment Network (IHCAN) provides assessment and diagnosis for children and youth living in the Interior Health region who demonstrate significant impairment in a number of domains of functioning. Referrals through a pediatrician or through a psychiatrist or other medical specialist. [phone_links][address] [read more]
Specialized service and funding options for children or youth who have diverse needs and their families. [read more]
Family doctors accepting new patients. When possible, book an appointment in advance. Walk-in appointments can sometimes be accommodated, based on availability of doctors. [opening_hours] [phone_links] [address] [read more]