Addiction Services Program

In memory of Jennifer Gylander 1982-2008

Funding for part of our website came from memorial funds donated when Jenny Gylander passed away at a much too young age. Jen, daughter of Dona and Greg Gylander, herself struggled to overcome addictions. Jen left a beautiful son, Sebastian, who is being raised by his grandparents Dona and Greg. Jen touched many hearts and she is missed every day.

Substance Use and Addictions Services – Overview

Substance use, like many human behaviors, occurs along a wide range or continuum – from no use at all to extremely heavy use. The likelihood that a person will experience problems in his or her day-to-day life as a result of his or her substance use usually depends on how much the person uses. The continuum for the use of substances therefore goes from substance use, to substance abuse, and then to substance dependence or addiction.

By the time a person is dealing with an addiction, both psychological as well as physical changes are happening to him or her, which makes it very difficult for this person to control when and how much he or she will use. By the time substance abuse has reached the stage of dependence or addiction, we are dealing with a complex brain disease that involves a change in the function of the reward and motivation systems in the brain. Addiction is characterized by compulsive drug seeking and use, despite harmful consequences. When we talk about addictions, we include not only substance abuse (chemical addictions like alcohol and drugs), but also certain behavioural problems such as dependence on gambling and video games, and dependence on excessive work, food, and sex (process addictions).

Not everyone who uses has problematic alcohol or drug use. Many people never move from substance use to substance abuse. There is a significant number of people though for whom controlled use is difficult: at first, they may perceive what seem to be positive effects with drug or alcohol use. They also may believe that they can control their use; however, alcohol and drugs end up taking over their lives. Over time, as alcohol or drug use continues, pleasurable activities become less pleasurable, and drug or alcohol abuse becomes necessary to simply feel “normal.” People who abuse drugs and alcohol reach a point where they seek and take drugs or alcohol, despite the tremendous problems caused for themselves, for the people they love and the people who love them.

Is this service for you?

The Golden Family Center offers counselling and support services for families, couples and individuals – both youth and adults – who live in Golden and surrounding area and who are dealing with the impact of substance abuse or addictions in their life. The Golden Family Center provides counselling and support services for drug and alcohol abuse and addiction (chemical addictions) as well as for process addictions.

The Substance Use and Addictions Services Program at the Golden Family Center includes the following options:

The East Kootenay Addictions Services Society (EKASS) funds and offers substance abuse and addictions services for youth through the Golden Family Center. The EKASS counsellor has his office at the Golden Family Center and can be contacted through the Golden Family Center.

Substance Use and Addiction Services for Adults, the Outreach Program and SmartRecovery are funded by Interior Health (IHA) and delivered by the Golden Family Center.

The Substance Use and Addictions Counselling and Support Services Program for Youth is funded by Interior Health (IHA) and delivered by the East Kootenay Addictions Services Society (EKASS).