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Keep Drop-in Counselling in Golden

Wouldn’t you want a safe, confidential, judgement free place where you or your loved one could go? A place to feel validated, to know that you’re not alone. The opportunity to speak to someone who is kind, and listens, truly listens, and helps you find the tools and create the strategies you need to get through even though it feels impossible? The Drop-In Counselling program at the Golden Family Center is just that place.

In order to keep this critical service in Golden we need your help. Our initial funding is ending and without contributions from people like you, we may have to close the Drop-in Clinic’s doors. This month we are holding a community-wide fundraising campaign for local funding. We’ve secured partial funding, but are required to raise a minimum of 25% of program costs locally.

We need your help! 

Will you donate $85* to sponsor a session? Feeling generous? Maybe you could contribute $1,500 and sponsor a month of drop-in sessions? Don’t have that much to give? Donate $10 and encourage 10 friends to do the same. Every little bit helps to keep Drop-In Counselling local and available to Golden & Area A residents! 

Click here to donate

*This is the true cost of a session and includes 1.5 hour session, post-session paper work and follow up and administrative fees. 

Check out our Drop-in Counselling Clinic information page