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ParentConnect is designed for parents of teens just like you.

ParentConnect addresses changes that occur between parents and teens (and pre-teens) and helps them keep their relationship strong and positive. ParentConnect is for all parents – it helps protect teens as they move forward in their journey to adulthood.


The ParentConnect program is a 10-week program. Parents meet in small groups (10-16) with two trained group leaders for 1.5 hours each week. ParentConnect will start on Thursday, April 4th. Snacks will be provided and we will try to help with any transportation issues that may come up.

If you think this group will be helpful to you and you would like to join, please call or email the Golden Family Center. We will set-up an interview with one of the group facilitators, so you can find out more about the program. This interview can happen in your home, or somewhere else in town that is convenient.