Free ‘Positive Discipline’ group for parents

Free 'Positive Discipline' group for parents

Katie Hodder
March 31st, 2014 1 Minute
Positive Discipline parenting group

Positive Discipline parenting group

A new session of Positive Discipline starts on Monday, March 31st from 5-7 pm at Alexander Park Elementary School in the StrongStart room. This new session for Positive Discipline is combined with the ‘Family Dinner Play & Learn’ events which are organized by CBAL. This program is free, and starts with a free dinner. There is also free child minding. Registration is necessary to make sure there is food for everyone and enough child minders. Call 439-9665 to register.



The Positive Discipline group runs on the following Mondays:
March 31
NO GROUP April 7 Pro-D day
April 14
NO GROUP April 21 Easter Monday
NO GROUP April 28
May 5
May 12
NO GROUP May 19 Victoria Day
May 26

[quote]Positive discipline is not permissive parenting and is not about punishment. It is about long-term solutions that develop children’s own self-discipline and their life-long skills. Positive discipline is about teaching non-violence, empathy, self-respect, human rights and respect for others.[/quote]


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