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On Wednesday, May 27th, your Golden Family Center Men’s Services program will be showing a series of Ted Talks and film excerpts focusing on the human-wilderness experience, ‘man caves’, and what draws both men and women to experience the wild. Ted Talks will involve experiences transitioning from urban to wilderness, and a youth conservationist; as [read more]

text-icon We would like to invite you to come and meet Mike Symons, who is the new Coordinator for the Golden Youth Centre (a program of the Golden Community Resources Society) and who has taken on the roles of Men's Services Program (Boys to Men) Coordinator and Male Teen Group Facilitator (programs of the Golden Family Center).

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As a potentially new group comes together in spring we often experience the sensations of forming.  Questions arise in the mind; what’s going to happen? Who are these people? Do I fit in? Our thoughts might say things, like; they are going to make me talk about my feelings, F- that! And the body if [read more]
Join us any Thursday – group is free Time frame: April 10th – June 5th, 2014 Thursday evenings: 6:00 – 7:30pm. Golden Family Center Group Room   Structure: 1/2hr check-in                                       Presenter Weeks 1/2hr presentation                                 10 min intro/check in 1/2hr discussion                                    50 min presentation 30 min discussion Group Intention (at this time): Society’s concept of masculinity [read more]
Welcome to our Boys to Men Blog! Here you will find updates on groups that are running for adult men and male youth, as well as news articles on issues of interest to men and male youth. Manology, a discussion group for adult men, is in its spring session, which runs from April 10th to [read more]