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Band Of Guys

The Band of Guys started as a way and a place to connect Golden’s male youth. The Band of Guys meets at the Golden Youth Centre once a week. You can find times and dates on Facebook and in our What’s New section. While the Band of Guys is a time to hang-out and do something you enjoy – music, comic books, art, pool, foosball, writing, computer lab – it is set-up to be a safe and non-judgmental place to connect with each other. This group is open to all male youth (12-18) on a drop-in basis. The Band of Guys is led by a male facilitator.

2014 – Music saves the Soul

Music is a big part of the Band of Guys. Jam sessions have been happening regularly – as they have been during regular co-ed Youth Centre days as well. What is planned specially for the Band of Guys though is a program called Music Saves the Soul, based on a similar program run by the College of the Rockies in Invermere that has proven to be a real success. The basic idea is simple, to encourage youth to express themselves musically and lyrically with the end product being a recording of their work. Setting these goals gives youth something to work towards and shows them the fruits of their labour.

Youth can use the songwriting, recording and cover art process to explore issues in their lives, by themselves and with others. After a few sessions, youth can use their recordings to put together a full-fledged album of their songs. Once the songs are on paper, recorded and illustrated, the final product allows them to look at their issues from a different perspective. In addition to having a complete album of their own work, they will have to learn to accompany each other musically, thereby building good relationships, strengthening teamwork and cooperation skills. Working together with others on their projects will happen in a safe and respectful environment in which to give and receive constructive criticism and critique to make each other’s projects well rounded and polished.

You can find some samples of early recorded jam sessions as everyone finds their rhythm. Check it out:

Music isn’t just learning notes and playing them.
You learn notes to play to the music of your soul

K. Greenwood